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Bagh endeavours to showcase the best of Indian textiles and printing crafts. It is a treasure trove of long forgotten printing secrets and traditional weaves . Step into Bagh for an experience that is about natural fabrics, traditional printing techniques and modern designs. Step into Bagh for comfortable attires, luxurious fashion and abundant choice.

Bagh India encapsulates the philosophy of combining local printing heritage with natural fabrics to evolve a style that is purely indigenous and unique. It is about keeping the textile traditions and crafts of the country alive and thriving. It is also about creating an awareness and appreciation for the rich heritage that we have and being proud of our culture of creativity and artistic flair. The team of Bagh travels to well known and remote textile centers of the country, discovering hidden arts, reviving forgotten expertise and rediscovering the secrets of ethnic ethos. Bagh collaborates with printers and weavers at various centers across India helping to develop a sustainable and commercially viable production of fabrics that are contemporary and classic.

All motifs are created by a team of talented inhouse designers. These are then shared with craftsmen for weaving and printing processes. The outfits are designed keeping in mind the current trends and consumer preferences. Every Bagh garment offers the enigma of wearing living history created by the united efforts of hundreds of extremely creative but unsung artists of the land. Bagh offers a wide range of styles and patterns and gives the discerning buyers choices that are artistic and authentic.

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